architecture - landscape - design

phd. master in architectural and urban studies
prof. of landscape architecture - polytechnic of turin
founder of the research platform weak-circus
founder of zeroenne - experiments in weakness theory
co-founder and director of b.l.u.e.- building landscape urbanism
co-founder of terraviva

weakness theory



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earth service

milan has the extraordinary potential to become the greenest metropolis in the world. Milan has the extraordinary survival of extensive rice and corn fields as well as dairy farms within the city limits and during the 1970s the idea of protecting these areas from development and creating an agricultural park began within professional debates at the politecnico, and was finally formalized as the Parco Agricolo Sud in 1990, originally under the aegis of the provincia di Milano and since 2014 under the metropolitan government of Milan. in theory the park extends from the dense urban edges of the central city to include farm lands in 61 municipalities and covers an area of nearly 50,000 hectares. the park contains a mixture of large and small farms, industrial areas, villages, and small cities. earth service is a proposal for cooperative volunteer projects that will promote the growth and improvement of this nascent park, involving farmers, students, and professionals from the city center to the hinterlands.



the Politecnico di Milano, school of architecture, proposes a series of four-day workshops devoted to elaborating and debating themes proposed in the soil manifesto terraviva. our soil, our commons, our future. a new vision for planetary citizenship by Vandana Shiva, which will be published during the EXPO. these workshops will include the participation of over 200 international students during the course of the EXPO from late may until late october, 2015.

to adjust to the schedules of both those who have to attend courses during the week and those who work). in order to receive credit, students must complete two workshops for a total of 8 days.

most of the workshops will extend over 9-day periods, requiring attendance on consecutive weekends of the course, four days total of obligatory attendance, with five weekdays in between for individual research.

each workshop will involve lectures presented during the first weekend as background by three or four professors, or experts in the field under study, followed by debates among the participants. the first part of the workshop will conclude with programming for research and design. tasks will be distributed to be executed during the week. the final weekend will invol-ve presentations by participants, critiques by professors, further elaboration of materials and refinement of the research for publication.



Milan: 2016 june 17 - 19 and 24 - 26
Orani: 2015 sept. 27 - oct. 2

international workshop: earth service 
curator and coordination: prof. Richard Ingersoll, prof. Elisa C. Cattaneo.

Milan: 2015 jun. - oct.:
international workshop: terraviva
curator and coordination: prof. Richard Ingersoll, prof. Elisa C. Cattaneo.



1) june 6 - 7; 13 – 14:
terra viva, the soil as a living ecosystem.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Sibella Kraus (SONUL, agricultural park, California); Carlo Scoccianti (biologist, Florence); Giorgio Strapazzon (architect, Genoa).

2) june 20 - 21; 27 - 28:
water and soil. how to improve a relationship.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Daniela Moderini (landscape architect, Venezia); Carlo Berizzi (architect, Milan).

3) july 4 - 5; 11 - 12:
building with soil, adobe for everyone.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Alessandra Guinoni, (architect, Milan); Alessio Battistella, (Arcò Studio, Milan); Michele Ricci (architect,Ancona); Pier Luigi Feltri (architect, Univ. Genova).

4) july 25 - 26; 30 - 31:
industrial agriculture subjected to an ecological accounting system relating to embodied energy.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Monica Botta (architect, Milan)

5) sept. 5 - 6; 12 - 13:
genetic engineering versus planned biodiversity; seed monopolies; seed banks; genetic research without the creation of OGMs. Biomimetic design.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll.

6) sept 19 - 20; 26 – 27:
plasticulture, the impact of plastic on the agricultural landscape.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Federica Orru (univ. Alghero).

7) oct. 3 - 4; 10 – 11:
the social supermarket.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Simona Galateo, (phd candidate, Milano).

8) nov. 7 - 8; 14 – 15:
land-grabbing in a world of reduced resources, in particular, China, India, and Africa.

with: Elisa C. Cattaneo; Richard Ingersoll; Isabella Inti(Temporiuso).

9) oct. 14 - 15; 24 - 25.
week city. the land belongs to those who think it.
with: Elisa C. Cattaneo.