architecture and landscape design

phd. master in architectural and urban studies
prof. of landscape architecture - polytechnic of milan and turin
founder of the research platform weak-circus
founder of zeroenne - experiments in weakness theory
co-founder and director of b.l.u.e.- building landscape urbanism
co-founder of terraviva
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zeroenne - 0/n is a collection of researches I oversaw at Polytechnic of Milan and other italian universities. these books are a platform of heterogeneity, which end their common eld in the theory of weakness, as imperfect and manifold way of knowledge. the aim is to experience an alternative method for contemporary spaces, able to regenerate the stabilized ideas of design. they are more experimental and vital texts/tests than verification procedures: this attitude brings them away from a strictly educational approach. they can be read according to two levels of meaning: in their specific contexts and as open platforms for contemporary researches.

almost all of them are focused on processual values and on project trans-disciplinary, in order to promote a cognitive space before a real one. I provided the students with fews thematic lines (a sense of short-circuit, trial, process of meaning), which were underlining an interpretation of knowledge in a horizontal sense, as Gilles Deleuze had defined.

these topics have been independently developed by the candidates, so that they can be considered as authors of a new idea. I instructed this learning and researching method, because I believe that the secret of an effective education is to persuade each student to be able to build his own vision of the world, without stereotyped positions. I am finalizing the object of education in the freedom of intelligence, and not in the rules of disciplines, by broading the students’ needs and points of view. to cross the world in new expanded geographical horizons.




a swarming city. patterns of interference
author: Giacomo Ardesio
introduction: Rahul Srivastava

ISBN 978-88-916-0424-8

hologrammatic territories. ecological strategies in West Bank territories
author: Mirko Andolina
introduction: Jason Rebillot

ISBN 978-88-9160-431–6

weak strategy for informality. Rio de Janeiro case
author: Andrea Benzi
introduction: Lorenzo Degli Esposti

ISBN 978-88-916-0429–3

refugee camps. a self-sufficiency strategy
author: Emanuela Gussoni

ISBN 978-88-916-0429–3

sustainable revitalization of the Solovetsky archipelago in the White Sea
authors: Daria Olovyannikova, Karl Kiisel

ISBN 978-88-916-0915-3
ISBN 978-88-916-0915-1

diverCITY. spatial support for the future of sharing
authors: Sergi Martina, Danilo Bertoja

ISBN 978-88-916-1515-2


Teheran the city of thousand garden
author: Paniz M. Maddi

ISBN 978-88-916-1801-6

gulou hutongs
author: Maria Francesca Di Alessandro
introduction: Marco Casagrande

ISBN 978-88-916-1525-1

the new nighttime
author: Milos Misovic
introduction: Ugo La Pietra

ISBN 978-88-916-1524-4

guardians of frozen treasures. the Svalbard
authors: Gaia D’Alpaos, Caterina Cotardo

ISBN 978-88-916-1800-9

2000. A.D. plug-in space: technology, nature, mobility
authors: Gianluca Finetti, Debora Vermi

ISBN 978-88-916-1816-0

lLegar y ligarse. Valapraiso. the urban voids as new opportunity of relationship
author: Briselda Calliku

ISBN 978-88-916-1805-4

a blooming space of one million square meters
author: Ainur Zhubanova

ISBN 978-88-916-1804-7

elements of the ordinary. eight projects in Tokyo
author: Carlo Alberto Di Carlo

ISBN 978-88-916-1522-0

hybrid Alps. a technological antropogeography
author: Alessandro Betta

ISBN 978-88-916-1815-3

from fragmented city to resilient city
author: Dana Jovanovska

ISBN 978-88-916-1808-5

urban informality. San Suan del Luriancho
author: Fiorella N. Medina Zambrano

ISBN 978-88-916-1827-6

tæsting urban landscape. food as a tool to rethink the city
authors: Eugenia Bolla, Stefano Lardera

ISBN 978-88-916-2091-0

Sao Paulo cidade das artes
authors: Matilde Valagussa, Laura Zura Puntaroni

ISBN 978-88-916-2499-3

serp I molot. underground utopia
author: Yulia Filatova
introduction: Alessandro De Magistris

ISBN 978-88-916-2497-0

waiting places. weak strategies in space of displacement
authors: Francesca De Ponte, Sara Parinello, Ginevra Rapisardi

ISBN 978-88-916-2498-7